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Steel Tower Europe Group

manufacturer of steel works, specialized in the production of recyclable wind turbines.

Modular steel wind turbine towers (MST) built by Steel Tower Europe Group

Modular Steel Towers

The concept of the Modular Steel Tower (MST) means that the steel tower of a wind turbine is delivered  as a fully prepared kit. Read more about the MST technology here.

Sustainability as a guideline for the production of Modular Steel Towers


‘Sustainability’ means not only to deliver a durable and long lasting product, but one that is also produced in a responsible manner. Read more about how we do this.

Modern craftsmanship

Modern craftsmanship

The production of the Modular Steel Tower is based on craftsmanship and many years of experience in steel processing. Combined with modern technology and precision, we are able to deliver a high-quality product to the European wind turbine market. Read more about our company.

Producing sustainable steel windmill towers

Unlimited sustainability

Steel Tower Europe Group stands for ‘unlimited sustainability’. A broad concept, “sustainability”, but the common thread within our company. Every step we take within the Steel Tower Europe Group we take with the idea of making a positive contribution to people and nature. For example, we produce locally, and the export factories and offices are heated by infrared. In addition, we control the entire production process to operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible from one organization.

Innovation in steel work at Steel Tower Europe

Development and innovation

In collaboration with major players in the wind turbine market, Steel Tower Europe Group has managed to make the entire production process more sustainable by looking at the design, and  transport. The MST concept is modular in design and thus saves material. The tower is completely made of steel and therefore recyclable. And because it consists of smaller, separate parts, unprecedented heights can be achieved, and they can be transported more easily and efficiently.

STEG delivers quality and precision on a large scale

Large-scale quality work

For the production and logistics of the modular steel towers (MST), we must meet the requirements of major players in the wind turbine market worldwide. This means that our products meet the highest quality requirements, and our logistics are set up at a production speed of 800 tons of steel per week. We can deliver speed and quality on a huge scale, which benefits the wind turbine and steel industry.

Employment opportunities in the Northern Netherlands because of large orders

The benefits for the Northern Netherlands

The large export factory provides many benefits for the Northern Netherlands. The know-how of the employees in combination with the size of the factory is exceptional. Advantages for other companies in the industry because they can use the facilities. In addition, a lot of manpower is needed, which creates employment for a longer period of time. This provides economic benefits for the Northern Netherlands: it results in more employment, in a factory with ample capacity and the most advanced machines.

Companies within the Steel Tower Europe Group

SteelCare BV

High-quality preservation, blasting and coating of extremely large industrial steel structures.

Steelcare Hoogezand steel blasting and coating

Staalservice Zuidbroek BV

Full service in steel processing.
100 years of experience and fast delivery.

Steel service Zuidbroek: cutting and processing of steel

Steel Tower Europe BV 

Production of Modular Steel Towers for wind turbines.


Staalservice Zuidbroek snijdt en bewerkt staal in opdracht van STEG