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Dealing responsibly with people and nature

Sustainability as a guideline at Steel Tower Europe Group

Sustainability as a guideline

Every day we work with the most advanced machines to deliver a quality product quickly and efficiently. The right machines, but not always economical in power consumption.

We are working hard to prevent waste and to optimize the production process. We do this by investing with talent and energy.

Our ambitions include being able to operate fully energy-neutral within 5 years.

Drying with infrared

Modular Steel Tower: more climate neutral

The production process of the MST (Modular Steel Tower), and the logistics of transport and construction of the wind turbine , produces much less CO2 emissions than the regular way of building wind turbines. The lifecycle of other wind turbines generates around 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions. But for modular steel towers that Steel Tower Europe Group produces, that is only 150 tons of CO2. In addition, the steel parts can be transported on just twenty regular trucks. As a result, a wind turbine built on this concept is climate neutral much earlier.

STEG uses its own solar panels

Sustainability in details

The factory in which the Steel Tower Europe Group manufactures the MST has its own solar panels.

In all kinds of other areas we are working on possibilities to produce the modular wind turbines in the most responsible and clean way possible.

For example, paint without solvents is used for the coating, and infrared is used for the drying process.

Benefits for the environment

Less CO2 emissions

Thanks to the smart way of transporting and assembling, the MST (Modular Steel Tower) built by STEG is already a lot more environmentally friendly than the conventional tower or the concrete variant. When choosing a supplier of a ‘clean’ wind turbine, these are determining factors.

Infographic of the production process of modular wind turbines

MST: Completely recyclable

Of the different types of wind turbine towers that exist, the Modular Steel Tower (MST) is not only the most modern, but also has the smartest design for transport, construction and demolition.


  • A concrete tower consists of heavy ring-shaped parts that must be transported with special trucks and stacked on top of each other with heavy cranes. Transport and logistics are extremely difficult, and often roads have to be adapted or built to be able to build the tower. In the event of demolition, the tower will end up as a large heap of unusable rubble.
  • The Tubular Steel Tower (TST) consists of steel ring segments that are attached to each other during the construction of the tower. Although it is relatively easy to attach to each other, the lower ring sections are large in diameter, all ring sections are unique, and many special trucks are still needed for transport. When a tower is decontsructed, the parts are large and difficult to re-use.
  • The Modular Steel Tower (MST) consists of prefabricated steel plates. These can be transported with normal trucks. During construction, the plates are screwed together to form ring sections, and the tower itself. Demolition into small parts is relatively easy, and the entire tower is completely recyclable. Easy to break down and all segments can be reused for the construction of new towers.